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About Sunshine Powers

 Sunshine "Sunny" Powers was born in 1980 in San Francisco, California near Ocean Beach, where her parents still reside today. Growing up Sunshine always felt out of place and as though she never quite fit in. Though finally during her high school years, on the famous Haight Street of San Francisco Sunny found her community and a group of friends to truly call her own.

In 1998, Sunny started to attend Humboldt State University with the intention to become a forest ranger.   Once she learned that Forest Rangers are mandated to carry guns, Sunshine realized that she needed a new career. So she went undeclared and decided to only take the courses she genuinely enjoyed.  Around this same time, the new year of 2000, she transferred to the University of Oregon in Eugene where she started her first business, a dress company named Eye of Heaven. It was also in Eugene that she met her first husband and started to settle down. After graduating from college with a degree in History, her and her first husband opened a French Fine dinning bistro in the Southtowne area of Eugene.  Unfortunately for Sunny, being in such a deeply committed relationship so young made her forget about her own goals and focus on those of her husband’s. Soon though, Sunshine realized that owning a restaurant was not her dream, it was someone else’s. In 2009 she left her restaurant and her first husband to move back home to San Francisco.  

In 2010 she moved into her apartment in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. A relocation that was to inspire a new fabulous life and her now famous blog: Diaries of a Tenderloin Princess, a collection of articles about starting over in life, recovering from the aftermath of her divorce, the current dating scene in San Francisco, and her opinions about everything.  

It was also at this time that Sunshine was to be introduced to one of her life’s greatest love affairs: glitter. The words of her wise and glamorous best friend, "never be afraid to sparkle" started the addiction that still carries on to this day, transforming Sunny’s life into one that always sparkles.

Even though she shimmered, Sunny struggled to find her direction in life, but always remembered to dance.  Her love and dedication to the music scene in San Francisco lead to PR jobs as well as a magnificent collection of friends that still surround her to this day.

In 2012, Sunny walked into the opening of Jammin on Haight located at Haight and Masonic where "Positively Haight Street" used to stand, as well as teenage Sunny.  Ben “Jammin” St.Rebel along with his family and friends had just opened it.  Sunshine instantly fell in love with the rainbows and the mission of the company: to revitalize Haight Street and to bring back the color, creativity and consciousness that the street is historically known for.  Being back on this corner filled Sunny's heart with the memories of her youth and her city.  She knew she was home.  Sunny worked her way up in the company from simply doing social media, to within 3 months managing the store.  Within a year, Sunny was named part owner.

In late 2014, Sunshine became a member of the Board of Directors and helped to start Taking it to The Streets(TITTS.)  A non-profit organization dedicated to getting the homeless youth off of Haight Street by providing them jobs within the community to not only help them advance their lives but to help bring a sense of pride to the entire community.  Today TITTS, is one of the most successful homeless youth organizations in San Francisco.

In the summer of 2015, Sunshine started to do historic walking tours of Haight Ashbury with the Flower Power Walkingtour company, actually using her history degree much to her parents amusement.  For Sunshine, doing tours is the ultimate synchronicity to her work with Jammin on Haight and their mission to revitalize the Haight District.  It gives Sunny a chance to educate tourists and locals about the happenings in the Haight in the Summer of Love that helped shape society to be what it is today.  The historical significance of the Haight is mind blowing, and the more we know and learn from history the better we can shape tomorrow.

In the fall of 2015, Sunshine started her design company, Awesomeness Designs and added a sparkle division of the company, Sunny Sparkles.  If you walk into her shop on Haight, you will find a chalice of glitter and all of the Sunny's Sparkle blends named after people and things that she loves.  The sparkles bounce off the rainbows and make magical prisms throughout the shop.  

In April of 2016, Sunshine moved out of the Tenderloin and onto the historic 700 block of Ashbury St, 3 doors up from her sewing/glitter studio at 712 and 4 doors to the Grateful Dead house of 710 Ashbury.

In late 2016, one of Sunny's best friends & manager of the tiedye shop Guadalupe "Lupe" Montelongo became 5% owner of Awesomeness Designs because when you have someone as special as Lupe in your life you need to show appreciation and because Lupe earned every part of it with her hard work.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

In January of 2017 Sunshine’s life became even more blessed than she ever thought possible.  A private investor gave her the money to buy Jammin on Haight in its entirety.  They asked that instead of paying them back, she pay the money back to Taking it to the Streets, which should help get an additional 300 homeless youth off of the street and help continue the mission of revitalizing Haight Street.  Sunshine changed the name of her shop to Love on Haight in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love and because the world needs more love. 

Magical things happen, when you do good things.


After all, no matter what the Question ~ LOVE is the answer.

Somehow...Sunshine stumbled into her perfect spot in the city, Haight and Ashbury. Surrounded by rainbows and sparkles, Sunny lives a happy life that is devoted to making people smile, sparkles, and being an advocate for the power of community.

Sometimes you just got to find the perfect spot where the glitter hits the light just right!